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For the production of nano inscribed nickel wafers or plates, the archival data is first submitted by the customer, organized sequentially or indexed in a manner determined by the customer. After file conversion and other preparation for NanoRosetta processing, the documents or other data is then recorded onto a glass wafer by modulating a laser beam in a spiral or concentric manner using a polar raster direct laser etch. A “father” nickel master is made from this inscribed glass wafer and intermediate “mother” and final ”son” electroforms in nickel can then be generated from this nickel “father” master wafer. Polymer copies can also be provided in lieu of nickel “sons.” Analog and digital data, or both on the same wafer, can be archived.  The general process similar to the Glass Masteirng and Electroforming steps for CD & DVD production.

Why adopt NanoRosetta for permanent archival preservation?

  • Nickel has a much longer life span than microfilm, up to thousands of years
  • Nickel is resistant to high temperatures, water damage, and electromagnetic disruption, eliminating the need for expensive control of temperature and humidity
  • No need for future migration of digital data, as long as a microscope is available
  • High speed recording of analog data, preserving more documents in a much shorter time
  • High density, reducing precious storage space.

Can I have my own files archived using NampRosetta Engraving Technology?

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