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UDO2 60GB desktop drive with SCSI cable, power supply and driver software

UDO2 60GB Desktop Drive - with SCSI Cable, power supply, and driver software.

Item #: 8800
Retail Price: $3,294.50
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UDO Desktop Drives  

UDO Desktop Drives bring professional archival storage to small office and departmental environments at an affordable price. Legal and accounting firms, engineering and design offices, publishing houses, healthcare facilities and many other businesses will benefit from the high capacity, performance, and reliability of UDO Desktop Drives.

  • Optimized for Archiving.
  • Complete hardware and software packages.
  • Investment Protection - Compatibility with UDO Archive appliance and G-Series libraries.
  • Media Longevity - Estimated 50+ year life.
  • Flexibility - Supports both WORM and Rewritable UDO Media formats.
  • UDO2 Desktop Drives drives support UDO2 & UDO1.

Part No: MAM8800
Manufacturer SKU: UDO60D#1000
Description: UDO2 External Drive kit (SCSI)
Media Load Time: 5 sec
Media Unload Time: 3 sec
Buffer Memory: 32MB
Max Sustained Transfer Rate - Read: 12MB/s
Max Sustained Transfer Rate - Write: 6MB/s (with verification)
MSBF - Mean Swap Between Failure: >75,000 load/unload cycles
MTBF- Mean Time Between Failure: >100,000 hours
Interface: Wide Ultra 2 LVD SCSI or USB 2.0
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