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MAM-A 24K Gold Archive DVD-R Discs, 10-pack Jewel Case

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MAM-A 24 Karat Gold DVD-R Features:
  • Protects data from corrosion and chemical breakdown
  • 100+ year archive longevity
  • 4.7 GB storage capacity
  • 8x write speed

MAM-A is proud to announce this new 10pk Jewel Case Package option for our Archive Gold DVDs. Until now you needed to purchase Archive DVDs in 50pk & 100pk spindles. These new packages make Gold discs much more affordable.

Now more than ever, the life of your disc means something. Back when the files you kept on discs were spreadsheets and word documents maybe it wasn't as important. Now you have something worth saving for many years to come; your priceless photographs & videos. Don't trust archiving them to anything else than these MAM-A 24K Gold Archive DVDs. The 24K gold reflective layer more than triples the storage longevity of common silver-layered discs. Plus, these discs are designed to resist light and heat damage. Now that you have something worth protecting use the Archive DVD that will do the job. Each disc is protected by an individual jewel case.
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