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Gold DVD-R, 4.7gb White Thermal, Cake  (50)

Gold DVD-R - 4.7gb White Thermal, Cake (50)

Item #: 83642
Retail Price: $521.03
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  • Protects data from corrosion and chemical breakdown.
  • 100+ years longevity.
  • Best method for preserving valuable content for future technology transfers.
  • Make sure your photos, videos, and data remain intact for retrieval.
  • Permanent data storage on a physical disc that cannot be erased.
  • Recording layer is resistant to UV and heat better than other discs.

Part No: MAM83642
Description: Gold DVD-R White Thermal
Capacity: 4.7GB
Speed: 8x
Surface: WhiteThermal
Printable: Thermal non Everest
Hub Printable: No
Packaging Type: 50ct Cake
Master Carton: 200 discs (4x50ct)

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