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DVD+M, 4.7gb Logo, Cake (10 discs)
DVD+M, 4.7gb Logo, Cake (10 discs)DVD+M, 4.7gb Logo, Cake (10 discs)

DVD+M - 4.7gb Logo, Cake (10)

Item #: 44300
Retail Price: $29.00
This item is currently out of stock!


  • Estimated 1,000+ year life.
  • Uses inorganic dye and and no reflective layer.
  • 4.7GB storage capacity .
  • 4x Write and 16x Read speeds.
    • Requires M-DISC READY™ drive for writing.  (list of Drives)
    • Can be read on standard DVD+R or DVD-R/+R capable drives.
  • Available in Logo, MAM-A Inkjet, Thermal & Thermal Everest printable surfaces.
  • Can be custom digitally printed by MAM-A.

Special clearance 100 discs @ $2.00 per disc.

Part No: MAM44300
Description: DVD+M no Logo
Capacity: 4.7GB
Speed: 1x-4x
Surface: no Logo
Printable: No
Hub Printable: No
Packaging Type: 10ct Cake
Master Carton: 50 discs (5x10ct)
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