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MAM-A 24K Gold Archive CD-R Discs, 10-pack Jewel Case

MAM-A 24 Karat Gold CD-R Features:
  • Protects data from corrosion and chemical breakdown
  • Recording layer resists light and heat better than other discs
  • 300+ year archive longevity
  • 700MB storage capacity
  • 52x write speed

This MAM-A Gold CDR is packaged in a jewel case, with 10 jewel cases in each pack. The MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade CD-R is MAM-A's highest performance recordable disc, providing longevity and durability far in excess of conventional CD-R. Every MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade disc uses robust Gold-on-Gold construction to provide the maximum resistance to environmental degradation.

Long-term applications such as backfile conversion, e-mail archiving, and storage of classified correspondence can benefit from the Gold CD-R's strict quality control, 24 karat gold reflective layer and patented Phthalocyanine dye formula which offers storage life well in excess of 300 years.

The Archive-Grade CD-R was developed in response to user concerns about the viability of conventional CD-R media. Consumer grade discs frequently select dyes and reflective materials to achieve the lowest possible unit cost rather than the highest possible performance. These compromises are reasonable accommodations in the consumer market but they do not take into account the requirements of long-term archive applications and may be susceptible to rapid deterioration when subjected to heat, light, or humidity. The MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade CD-R is optimized for long life and provides demonstrably superior longevity and resistance to environmental degradation compared to conventional CD-R media.

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