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When it has to last, turn to KODAK Gold Preservation CDs and DVDs. The quality of these Gold discs is archival, meaning they are perfect for ensuring the long term integrity of your movies, music, images, documents, and data.

SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Extra tough triple scratch-resistant coating prevents damage and lost data! Superior protection from handling protects your memories and data during frequent usage.

24 KARAT GOLD: Gold promotes longer disc life. Gold does not oxidize or break down; therefore data is preserved longer. KODAK Gold Preservation CDs and DVDs use only 99.99% 24-Karat Gold.

LIFETIME ARCHIVAL: Using superior burn technology, KODAK Gold Preservation CDs have been tested under light and accelerated aging to preserve data, photos and documents up to 300 years with proper handling. KODAK Gold Preservation DVDs have been tested to preserve data, photos and documents 80-100 years with proper handling.

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