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Nano-Inscribed Archive Jewelry

Nano-Inscribed Archive Jewelry

Beauty meets Cutting Edge Nano Technology

Sarah Ha Jewelry is exclusively created with patented NanoRosetta engraving technology, a breakthrough technology that allows massive amounts of graphical information to be written on archival nickel medallions. Texts and images can be seen under a 400x lab microscope, or use the online jewelry reader software to view this incredible technology. Each medallion containing pages of information is set in a 100% sterling silver bezel and includes a necklace chain. Pendants can also be worn on charm bracelets. Presented in a velveteen gift box. Classically styled and a very unique gift item.

Design Choices:

The Classic Cross Design with the entire 31,101 verses of the King James 1611 Old and New Testament inscribed around a sparkling cross composed of thousands of micro-lenses and holographic elements. God’s Word in its entirety can now be worn in a beautiful glittering pendant to express your faith.

The Crucifix Design with the King James 1611 New Testament inscribed word for word, surrounding a 3D holographic Crucifix of the corpus Jesus Christ Redeemer and Savior. Brilliant, glittering, and deeply meaningful. It’s the Greatest Story Ever Told.

The Star of David Design incorporates the entire Torah Shebichtav or the “Torah that is written”. The entire biblical history is preserved in Hebrew around the Star of David which is composed of thousands of micro-lenses to radiate light in millions of colors. The pendant is truly dazzling and awe inspiring to behold.

The Book of Mormon design includes the entire Book of Mormon, page by page, verse by verse. The brilliant design reflects light in a beautiful array of colors, highlighting the Prophet Moroni blowing his horn and “The Book of Mormon” written below.

The Love Everlasting Design is a most beautiful and unique way to say “I Love You” in 193 languages. Each block within the large heart outline contains a different language. The glittering colors of the pendant changes under different lighting. A truly sentimental expression of love, and a keepsake gift for any occasion.


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