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If the purpose of the disc is to Archive or preserve your files, then the next question is “For how long?”

At this point there is a cost benefit analysis that is done between options.
As the price of Gold has increased over the last couple of years, MAM-A has developed several product choices which provide true archival performance but at varying longevities and cost points. 

This allows you to choose based on your requirements and price sensitivities. We are now introducing a SilverPlusGold Alloy DVD-R with archival properties at a lower price point.  

We are also now offering smaller package quantities on SPG as well as SPGA.

The following table provides a comparison of the different MAM-A Archival DVD Recordable products:

Archival DVDs

24 Kt. Gold


SilverPlusGold Alloy

Gold Appearance

Both Sides



Long life

100 yrs +

80 yrs

80 yrs

24 Karat Gold layer


Durable Azo Dye

Printable Surfaces

Custom Printing

Higher Reflectivity


Diamond Guard™  Hard Coat Scratch  Protection

On Request

Reduced Cost


Available in DVD+R format




All  MAM-A discs are available with Logo, No Logo, Inkjet, Prism Thermal and Thermal Everest top surfaces. 
Custom printing is also available.

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