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Afinia 3D Printer Rainbow Bundle
Afinia 3D Printer Rainbow Bundle

Afinia Rainbow  Bundle

Item #: Afinia-3D-Printer-Rainbow-Bundle
Retail Price: $1,702.90
Sale Price: $1,625.00
You Save: 5%
1-year Extended Warranty:

Afinia 3D Rainbow Bundle

Save with this bundle offer featuring the Afinia 3D Printer, 3D printer toolkit A, he extruder nozzle temperature switch, and 3 color Rainbow Filament..

Afinia H-480 3D Printer

The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience” as the 3D Printer comes fully assembled, with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac.

Tool Kit A

3D Printer knife set - 5 versatile cutting Tools.

Extruder Nozzle 8 Temperature Switch

This enhancement to the Afinia and UP! 3D Printers allows you to select from 8 possible preset temperature points ranging from 209° to 266 °.

3 color Rainbow Filament -Red, Green, Blue, 1kg (2.2lbs)

Rainbow gives you a choice of filament colors on one reel. No need to stop and change reels any more, just drop in a Rainbow filament reel and swap colors as you go.

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