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Afinia 3D printer  H479
Afinia 3D printer  H479Afinia 3D printer  H479Afinia 3D printer  H479Afinia 3D printer  H479

Afinia 3D printer  H479 

Item #: 3D-Afinia-H479
Retail Price: $1,599.00
1-year Extended Warranty:
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The Afinia H-Series: Only $1599 and Free Ground Shipping!

"This thing is awesome..."

"This printer is outstanding for the first time user..."


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The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience” as the 3D Printer comes fully assembled, with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac. The Afinia H-Series can prototype a part or model that is up to 5 inches cubed in dimension. The output is accurate within .2mm (8 thousandths), and has 30% of the strength of injection molded parts.

The 3D Software features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orienting, duplicating, and scaling parts. Simply use the included utility to calibrate the printhead height, and within minutes you are printing. It easily imports .stl files, and the output can be customized in terms of the amount of support material and “raft” (base support) printed. Breakaway support material is simple to remove, and tools for aiding the breakaway are included. Design files can be created using online software, professional software such as SolidWorks™, or by downloading from the extensive online community for free.

The Afinia H-Series 3D printer uses inexpensive, high-quality plastic filament for 3D printing.

Warranty is manufacturer's one year Parts and Labor plus optional 1-year Extended Warranty covering Parts and Labor for $199.

  • Easy out-of-box setup & use
  • Simple to install 3D Software
  • Uses inexpensive 1.75mm ABS plastic
  • Includes PC & MAC software
  • USB connectivity

Downloadable manuals: Quick Start Guide, User's Manual &
Preparing The Print Surface


Build Platform W:140 x D:140 x H:135mm
Supports: Auto-generated by software
Layer Thickness: 0.15 - 0.40mm
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 10.6 and above
Printer Size: 9-5/8" x10-1/4" x13-3/4", (245x 260x350mm)
Build Envelope: 5-1/2"(w) x 5-1/2"(d) x 5-1/4"(h) (140x140x135mm)
Printer Weight: 11 lbs
Warranty: 1 year (parts and labor)


H479 Printer
Reel of Filament (1) (Natural)
Power Supply
Power Cable
USB Cable
Filament Guide Tube
Filament Hanger
Perf Board (3)
Clips for Perf Board (6)
Spare Screws and Washers
Software Disc
Quick Start Guide


Gloves (1 pair)
Putty Knife
Exacto Knife
Snipping Pliers
Nozzle Removal Tool
Hex Wrenchs

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