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Thanksgiving Holiday Specials: (Limited Quantities)

Part no.     Description

60083995        Gold DVD-R - 4.7gb White Flexprint hub printable (inkjet & thermal), Cake (50)  (40% off), $1.56 per disc)
60084040        Gold DVD-R - 4.7gb White TEAC thermal hub printable, Cake (50) (40% off, $1.56 per disc)
30043990        Gold CD-R - 700mb White Everest hub printable, Cake (50) (50% off, $1.19 per disc)
6006                 USB Flash drive - 2gb T-Max red/white slider, Cake (50) (65% off,  as low as $2.80 per drive)

"Not sure which product is best for your requirements, 

then let us guide you."  (Contact us)

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Nano-Inscribed Archive Jewelry
unique and beautiful designs
Disc Printers & Publishers

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Personalize your phone case
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Archival DVDs
New SilverPlusGold
Alloy discs
DecoDisc Lights
Unique  Holographic
reflector disc lights
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Custom Printing Archival DVDs      DecoDisc Lights

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